Private Consultations and Training

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I do private in-home behavioral and training consultations:
If you just got a new puppy and need help managing the little terror (not to mention housetraining), you have an out-of-control adolescent Weimaraner on speed, or if your dog's barking or chewing is driving you nuts, I will come to your home and discuss the problem, make up a plan for management, training, or behavior modification, and help you implement the plan.

Semi-private group classes: If you and a few of your friends need basic good manners training for your dogs, this is a great, fun way to save off of the cost of private lessons. This applies to basic training only, not behavior modification. This way you get to have a lot of individual access to a trainer but you also get to socialize with other dogs and friends and get to see how others do in training. Basic training covers the cues: sit, stay, wait, leave it, give, polite loose leash walking, come, plus any other requests you might have.

• For all appointments, please email Rikke at or call 917-821-6752.