Rikke has a very gentle energy,
a true understanding of animals and their behavior.

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     "When we adopted our terrier mix, Mini, she was quite shy and needed some basic training as well as help socializing and getting used to the city. We were very lucky to find rikke: her insight, skill and background in positive training methods helped us understand our dog and her behavior, and Mini's progress has been simply amazing. rikke taught us techniques that have made Mini a much more manageable and happier dog, and we'd recommend both the positive method and rikke personally without reservation. We see the benefits of her help every day!"
- Mary Manhardt & Gary Peters

     "Your demonstration in our home of "positive training" did wonders for our family! We were ready to give our great dane away because she was so demanding and rambunctious. The negative "corrective" training we had been taught by our obedience class when Shadow was a puppy did not help; sometimes it seemed to make her behavior worse. Since your visit, we have been amazed to observe how eager Shadow is to please and how cooperative she is when given positive reinforcement (praise and treats). She has also calmed down a lot and has become a pleasure to live with. Thanks so much for your help!"
- Amy Kaiman

     "When my dog Maya unexpectedly came into my life, I was completely unprepared. I knew nothing about training and caring for a dog. Maya, who had been through a terrifying ordeal, wasn't house broken, had no obedience training and had separation anxiety. She was terribly afraid whenever I left her sight. I immediately contacted Rikke, who before we met, sent me a detailed description as to what Maya was experiencing and what we Maya and I would need to work on. At our first meeting a few days later, Rikke explained to me how to desensitize Maya to my coming and going and how to provide her with an outlet for her stress."

     "Rikke really understands dogs and the way they process information. And, I completely believe in her philosophy of training with positive reinforcement. I was amazed when, at our first meeting, Rikke, using only treats and praise, got Maya to do whole bunch of basic obedience commands. Moreover, Rikke trained me as well, teaching me to be clear in asking for the behavior I want. The result? Shortly after we started working with Rikke, a stranger, seeing me work with Maya, asked if I was a professional dog trainer! Far from it, but with Rikke s knowledge and guidance, I have the confidence to teach Maya new things, and to train my new puppy. I know that different training issues will come up with my new dog and I will not hesitate to contact Rikke for her wonderful help."

     "Not only would I not hesitate to recommend Rikke to others, I have, and their experience has been as great as mine."
- Kimberley Gavin

     "Our experience with Rikke and her positive training techniques have been very effective. My sophie, an adorable but headstrong yorkie, has made amazing improvements since our first session together. Rikke has a very gentle energy, a true understanding of animals and their behavior. The results have been positive thanks to rikke. Sophie always looks forward to seeing rikke!" - linda Bompartito